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NLP Practitioner and Professional Youth Mentor.


Paul Weber



My passion is helping children, whether its a fear or anxiety, a confidence issue, self esteem problem or worse, Im there 100% and have been for nearly five years now in over 22 schools in the St Albans area.


I work with children once a week for fourty five minutes, over a six week period, In that time I first of all focus on building trust, then asses there mind set, then move on to educatingthem with positive psycology and last of all goal setting.


Im very fluid with my sessions because all children are so different, my focus is have fun, educate, and succeed. Im fully insured, DBS checked and I've completed a Safe Guarding Course.


Hi Paul, I emailed Mum to get some feedback and this was her response.

I think these session have been absolutely fabulous for @£$%£ and had a major impact.


1) For the first time this year he was able to stay in assembly when they had a Rock concert with drums and air guitar (as @£$£ calls it). Previously he would have always left. He said his foot was twitching so he knew the music was getting too loud but he thought he could handle it so stayed for the whole event - massive for £$%$.


2) He was in an Arcade last weekend at the seaside - last year he ran through it screaming as he was so frightened. This time he went with his twin and another set of 13 year old twins in there and played for 45mins on the machines. He friend asked if he wanted to go on a ride but he said no to that. He said he was nervous to go in but didn't want to miss out on the fun the others would have.

He said yesterday that he was looking forward to starting Year 4.


So if you do get a chance can you please extend my warmest thanks to Paul.


Very positive and shows how much impact you have on the children you work with, so thank you from me too!


Kind regards


Mrs Katie $%^&*