Without a doubt my motivation in my life now is my family and my twin girls, but before they arrived, I had to change, recover and grow quickly, my parents divorced when I was eleven years old, I was kicked out of home by the age of seventeen, hanging out with the wrong crowd, this period of my teenage life was tough and led to two years of depression and that led to five years of other issues, which I had to overcome quickly, also I neglected my body, I didn't think about how I stood, how I sat in a chair or on the sofa, this affected my posture, which led to years of pain and discomfort, the sort of pain that stops you from being able to get out of bed, that stops you from being able to walk or run, I also never had a plan or strategy for life, I just bounced from one thing to another like a Bumble Bee, luckily NLP came into my life at just the right time, and I fixed all of my physical and mental problems very quickly.

Change your story and it will change your life.


Pain, everybody suffers pain at some point in there lives, some more than others.

Pain is a part of life, its the feeling of hurt, we can do something about that, even if in small ways, pain comes when your life doesnt fit you idea of what your life should be like, suffering comes when you have pain and you dont know what to do about it, or you feel powerless to stop the pain. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional, we create stories to deal with and get through the pain, a story does serve some purpose in some point in your life, but some people get stuck in that story, some people get stuck for years, look, anybody can pull up a moment or memory of pain from the past and make it feel real, its like a movie, we make it believable.

So whats your story, how long are you going to be stuck, one year, two or more....


But what if that story didnt exsist for you, that movie that you play over and over in your head, so if pain is inevitable but suffering is optional, what story do you have to overcome and change, to get were you want to be?

Succesful people almost always had obstacles like us, frustration or pain, but the difference with them is there level of hunger, hunger drives the new story, the need and must to overcome.


First, to change the story you have to resist it, its like weights, the more you push against it, the stronger and better you get, if you dont resist it, it will begin to crush you, when you do resist it, it will be painful, but when you do finally lift it off, you WILL change.

Change your story and it will change your life.


So together lets create a plan, I will measure your progress, I will set you up to win, as your coach I will stand on the sidelines, stand back and observe, I will help you build on your success.


The ultimate breakthrough happens by conditioning your mind every single day. If you don’t make the conscious effort to decide what you allow into your mind, then you are allowing weeds to grow and to spread. Life just starts to happen to you. No matter how smart you are, how savvy you are, how inspired you are – if you don’t stand guard at the door of your mind, then you are giving the tacit approval of the disempowering, disenchanting and the disillusioning.


Feed yourself empowering stories, surround yourself with people who make you better, put yourself in peak state. It’s the small rituals that you do every day that build momentum and, ultimately, lead to massive change.



Whilst on that journey of recovery I realised that I could take this further, since learning about Positive Psychology and NLP, I have gone from strength to strength, feeling happy, confident, motivated on a daily basis, achieving things physically that I never thought possible, like half marathons, two half ironman events and when Im fifty a full ironman. I have learned that our potential as human beings is huge, were only limited by our own thoughts, when you learn to remove those limitations, its the most amazing feeling you could ever wish to have.


So now my main aim in life is to show other people how to achieve a similar state of mind. Since becoming a NLP practitioner and communication and behavioral expert, I have helped people in need resolve there problems, I have helped people optimise there wellbeing and now, since studying NLP I have realised that my true passion lies in helping people optimise there thinking skills which in turn ensures success in their lives.

I regularly go into schools on a weekly basis working with children with behavioural and emotional problems, children are very open to growth and there easily motivated, if you or your child would also like to learn how to become very confident, happy, calm, focused and motivated, then get started by contacting me below.













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