I"ve suffered and felt down so I bounced back. I"m motivated now so Iet me teach you how.



Without a doubt my motivation in my life now is my family and my twin girls, but before they arrived, for me, I had to change, recover and grow quickly, my parents divorced when I was eleven years old, I was kicked out of home by the age of seventeen, hanging out with the wrong crowd, this period of my teenage life was tough and led to two years of depression and that led to five years of omniphobia, which is the fear of everything by the way, heights, tunnels, lifts, fire, and as a Fireman, trust me, that is not a good phobia to have, also I neglected my body, I didn't think about how I stood, how I sat in a chair or on the sofa, this affected my posture, which led to years of pain and discomfort, the sort of pain that stops you from being able to get out of bed, that stops you from being able to walk or run.

I also never had a plan or strategy for life, I just bounced from one thing to another like a Bumble Bee, luckily NLP came into my life at just the right time, and I fixed all of my physical and mental problems very quickly,


But then realised that I could take this further, since learning about Positive Psychology and NLP, I have gone from strength to strength, feeling happy, confident, motivated on a daily basis, achieving things physically that I never thought possible, like 10k runs, half marathons, two half ironman events and next year a full ironman,

I have learned that our potential as human beings is huge, were only limited by our own thoughts, when you learn to remove those limitations, its the most amazing feeling you could ever wish to have.


So now my main aim in life is to show other people how to achieve a similar state of mind.

My twenty odd years as a Firefighter and seventeen years as a Personal Trainer have set me in good stead, to move onto becoming a NLP practitioner and communication and behavioral expert.

I have helped people in need as a Firefighter, I have helped people optimise there physical wellbeing as a Personal Trainer and now, since studying NLP I have realised that my true passion lies in helping people optimise there thinking skills.


I currently go into schools on a weekly basis working with children with behavioural and emotional problems, children are very open to growth and there easily motivated, if you or your child would also like to learn how to become very confident, happy, calm, focused and motivated, then get started by contacting me below.